Military Audio Connectors

164 Series Audio Connectors are waterproof, come in five and six pin options, and have polarized plugs and receptacles. These plugs and receptacles are ideal for use in audio frequency circuits at 60V maximum potential and 0.5A maximum current. These connectors can use either crimp sleeve or solder cup contacts. Connector options, such as shielding, filtering, right-angle connectors, and miniaturization of M55116 products are available. These connectors are used throughout military radio systems and intercom systems for ground, vehicle, airborne, and naval communications. 

  • Qualified to MIL-C-55116
  • Connectors can use either crimp sleeve or solder cup contacts
  • Rigid contacts in the plug connectors mate with the pogo-pin, or spring-loaded, contacts in the receptacle
  • Plugs come with a wire strain relief or molded strain relief 
  • Receptacles are available in either panel-mount or an in-line receptacle
Military Audio Connectors