Shrink boots are supplied in expanded form. The boot is heated, stretched on a mandrel, then cooled. The boot retains its expanded form until heat is applied.

Shrink boots, and multi-leg transitions are available in all eight materials: Type 1 high performance elastomer provides improved resistance to heat, oils and fuels and is available in a wide range of colors including desert tan. Type 2 zero halogen material is intended for applications where low toxicity is a must. Type 3 general purpose flexible polyolefin is a good choice for occasional exposure to heat and chemicals. Type 5 Viton polymer blend is highly flexible, fluid and temperature resistant. Type 6 high-performance elastomer meets the SCX1512 specification and is ideal for use in molded shapes that require greater flexibility. Type 7 flexible polyolefin boasts excellent fluid and solvent resistance, and is ideal for use in military and automotive applications. Type 8 low outgassing fluoropolymer alloy meets NASA low outgassing test requirements. Type 9 low temp flexible polyolefin is specifically designed for cables prone to damage from higher installation temperatures encountered with other material types

heat shrink boots